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Bangtancore Deco Stickers

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Core Choice


In this series, each member gets a dedicated “core” sticker sheet featuring design elements that are iconic to their favorites, mixtapes, hobbies and personality as a whole. Best of all, these stickers are perfect for photocard toploaders, slabguards, journals, phone cases, laptops and more. 

With one look, a true purple-blooded army can identify what makes it signature jooncore, jincore, yoongicore, hobicore, jimincore, vantecore and koocore. All bangtancore sticker sheets are waterproof high-quality vinyls that come in protective glitter, rainbow or glossy tops. 

Jooncore - Glossy

Jincore - Glossy

Yoongicore - Glossy

Hobicore - Holo Rainbow

Jimincore - Holo Sparkle & Glossy

Vantecore - Holo Rainbow & Glossy

Koocore - Glossy



These will be safely placed in between protective inserts before being secured in standard Kitsuukart packaging.