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BTS Yet to Come Proof Collection

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“Proof Tannies
BTS Yet To Come Proof Collection

BTS meets Adventure Time once again in this era-concluding mash-up! 

Bask in memories as nostalgia hits hard with every member's throwback to the past eras as referenced in their latest "Yet to Come" MV. Guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings and cause the warm fuzzies, each piece beautifully shows how far our precious Tannies have come, and how we as Armys have proudly come full-circle. We are in this Bangtan shit for life! Borahae forever!

Our Yet To Come fanmade merch are perfect for your bags, binders or as stationary deco!



For the Yet to Come Keychain Sets, backings will be collectible mini-artworks that are themed and unique to each member. All purchases from this collection will come in special YTC-themed packaging. 

Individual keychain purchases may also choose the special backing card as an add-on upon checkout. Otherwise, they will come with the basic YTC backing card.

All Popsocket Sets will come in the basic TYC backing card.


Keychains are made of double-printed, laser-cut, high-quality acrylics and will come with smeraldo-shaped keyrings.

Straps will come in sublimation printed satin straps and silver keyring.

Sticker sheets will be kiss-cut, matte-laminated high quality vinyls.



Acrylic keychains will be shipped in pristine condition but surfaces may be prone to scratches and breakage if dropped with impact or if not cared for properly. Protect your Proof Tannies accordingly.


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  • 50% DP is allowed through Manual Payment checkout. (Please choose MANUAL PAYMENT upon checkout. Details for G-cash and BPI will appear on the order confirmation page after placing order.)
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  • Orders will ship out in 3 weeks after PO closing. If elements arrive early, we will ship ahead of schedule, but in the same way, KK reserves the right to push shipping dates due to issues our of our control such as courier or manufacturer issues.
  • Only COD shipping fees are accepted via GGX. We highly recommend JRS courier for fastest delivery. 
  • Late payments and POP emails without proper subject/order# are likely to be delayed due to our linear production process going through the full order list before going back to orders with issues. 


  • Regular updates are announced via #KKUPDATES on @kitsuukart’s twitter. 
  • We strongly advise against calling our mobile numbers. 
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